Spring 2019

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This one was upset to be called inside.This one was angry he fell headlong in mud.Passover and Unleavened bread

Safe Self Storage for Small Ones

I don’t keep a dresser in the kids’ room. Even though I’ve never had a bad experience with falling furniture, I just don’t risk it. With the current walls, anchoring dressers isn’t an option, so I’ve hung everything out of reach.

However, my eldest wants to help put up laundry, get her own underwear when she needs it, and grab her own socks to go outside.

So we’re still “ranger-rolling” clothing and hanging it off the door, but in a shoe organizer. She can get her own things in and out of the closet, but little brothers can’t spread the clean clothes everywhere. Sweet and simple!

RANGER ROLLING technique, so you can dig through clothes without unfolding them.

LAUNDRY SYSTEM including a poorly recorded video of how to “fold” fitted sheets.

Buffalo Chips – better than cinnamon rolls

Every Spring, my mother would bake dozens and dozens of buffalo chips. The Home Culture Club, which was founded in the Dirty Thirties, sold their signature Buffalo Chips at the Country Store. It was a fundraiser full of baked goods and homemade crafts that ran during the Santa Fe Trail Daze in Cimarron County, OK. The Home Culture Club has since disbanded, and a sorority now runs the Country Store during the annual festivities.

With all this talk of Spring, I got a craving for my mom’s Buffalo Chips. I can’t wait for June to get a bite! So I threw together this version.

I made my usual bread recipe in the bread machine. Usually, I let the machine bake it, but today I wanted rolls. Half of the dough went in the cast iron for that.

The rest of the dough, I rolled out between parchment papers, and sprinkled brown sugar and cinnamon on it.

Then, I rolled that up and cut sections from the roll like cinnamon rolls.

Only, this gets much better than cinnamon rolls! I flattened the rolls between the parchment papers as thin as possible. Then, I sprinkled more cinnamon and sugar.

A bit of butter makes everything better!

Originally, they would sprinkle cinnamon-sugar out of a shaker onto the rolls before flattening them. There’s less waste and more time that way. This isn’t the real recipe, either; I’m just winging it!

Next, it was time to bake it till crisp.

Not as awesome as Mom’s, but it’ll hit the spot. A treat shaped like refuse. “Ain’t nuth’n beder ‘en at” to have with your coffee!

P.S. I forgot the walnuts.

Rolls turned out good, as well.

Thoughts for Purim

Just as I think I know a lot about the Book of Esther, I find another detail that makes it even more dramatic.

Haman’s edict to destroy the Jews was written and sent on the 13th of the 1st month. The news was spreading just as people were getting ready for Passover on the 14th-15th.

The edict would have been read in Jerusalem 17 days later, according to my estimation of the distance from Shushan and the speed of a horse.

Just as people in the Holy Land were settled in their homes after Unleavened bread, the word of their demise would have reached them. Right after they had celebrated the coming redemption of the Lamb, doubts may have risen about whether there would be a people left from which the Lamb could rise.

Or perhaps the recent celebration was a reassurance that surely YHWH would keep His promise to preserve them, no matter what the threat.


Cox “Just Doing My Job”

Reposted from Facebook:

Well Humm,

When I was a boy, I read the Bible stories about people making idols out of wood, stone, or gold and worshiping them. I thought to myself, “That is patently silly on it’s face. How could any reasonably intelligent person worship a thing they themselves carved? They know it’s not a God; They MADE IT! Where people just way more stupid back then?”

It wasn’t until I was grown up that I finally unraveled the idol worship mystery. It’s actually not stupid at all. It’s a politically useful move to make idols. What a stone idol is is a god who is a puppet YOU control. It serves a very real purpose. To wit: It takes the heat off of you, while leaving you in control. Rather than telling people that YOU command them to do something, you tell them that the stone god commanded them to do something, and you are just here to enforce the order. This arrangement allows the political craftsman to short circuit people’s logical, natural, and reasonable objections to their edicts. A good idol is the foundation upon which the “I’m just doing my job” excuse always rests. It also allows the one who made the idol to disassociate themselves from their own actions. Which makes it much easier for them to do horrible things to people.

Idol worship is still in wide spread political use today. Think about it: What’s this difference in a statue made of wood, and a statute made of paper? They are both just a puppet made by the power crowd, that they control and can push the blame off onto. Members of the political class love to say “It’s not in my hands. This is what the policy says I must do to you. I’m sorry. My hands are tied.” Never mind the fact that the very real hands they claim are tied are the same hands that made up that policy from scratch in the first place.

This is all a form of rudimentary witchcraft, whereby a spell is cast that invites people to internalize a cognitive split between what they do, and their responsibility for doing it. Bureaucracy is part and parcel to the Dark Arts. It magically gets droves of otherwise good people to do unthinkably evil and destructive things to millions of their neighbors. And yet you can go from the top to the bottom of the bureaucracy and never be able to find even one damn person who is responsible for the damage they are doing. They may even be fully aware of the damage that is being done. But that’s the power of the spell they are under: They think they are bound to serve the deity that is those papers. Their eyes are glazed over and they can’t shake themselves out of the bureau- stupor and simply say “What on earth am I doing to my fellow man? I gota quit this! It’s wrong!” They are under “a powerful delusion” that has been around from the beginning of time, and that we know will grow stronger towards the end.

It’s sad and scary. But we were made for times such as these. Look at the heroes of the faith: Moses, Daniel, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Jesus, John The Baptist, David, Samuel, Enoch, Elijah, Ester, Noah, and all the rest of them spoke truth to those under the spell. They saw past the idols, and debunked the hoax. They refused to bow down. They refused to go under the spell. From Genesis all the way to Revelation the story of not bowing down is a consistent theme. This is because God delights in the voice of one of His children when it speaks truth without any quivering fear. It’s a voice that rings like a clear and strong bell, which deaf ears may not hear, but every heart can feel.

All’s Well,

–Schaeffer Cox (2-19-19)



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