Heads Up – First New Moon of the Year Expected this Weekend

March 17, 2018

When learning to celebrate The Feasts of the LORD, recognizing the beginning of the lunar month is a good place to start. From there you can count the days until Passover begins, for instance. In the next day or two, look at the western sky after sunset and try to spot the first sliver of the new moon. It will be a bit to the left of the sun and a little higher than you might expect. Once observers around the world have pinpointed the new moon, they recognize the first month, Aviv/Nissan, has begun. The Hebrew day begins at dusk, so the sighting at dusk begins the first day. On the 14th day of Aviv, it will be Passover and begin the week-long Feast of Unleavened Bread. First Fruits will be on a Sunday during this week.

The point? To remember our Messiah, the Lamb Whose blood redeemed the sins of the world, Whose unadulterated flesh became the Bread of Life for us, Who became our First Fruits offered to the Father upon His resurrection!

Remember our rescue from Egypt, sin, and death.

There are SO many more details that make this time special for YHWH and His people Israel (which includes us who have been grafted in), but it’s difficult to cram it all into one post at once!

Valerie Moody has a good reference guide available. (Sorry, link not working.) She covers the original commands in Scripture about all the Feasts, and how they were carried out in the Tabernacle and the Temple.

Then she goes through the extra traditions Rabbis added on, how Yashua Himself celebrated, how modern day observers celebrate, and how Christians/Messianics can honor our Savior during the Feasts today. It could be used as a Bible Study guide, a history course, a planning guide, or just interesting evening reading.

If you go out to spot the New Moon, let us know how it went. What date did you see it?

Look at this link to see if others have spotted it, yet.


They Know how to Get You Excited!

This month I became a Young Living member!

I thought I knew what to expect from my Starter Kit. Maybe eight oils and a nice diffuser. Instead, I got

These 10:








Citrus Fresh




Stress Away

And a roller ball

And ten sample-sized bottles

And two servings of NingXia

And a few drop cards to drum up business, because obviously, they’ve gotten me pretty excited about my new pretties!

Then the Desert Mist diffuser was better than expected, with one more extra setting than I’m used to, and many color settings!

$ Definitely $ worth $ it $ !

Sweet&Simple Products

Doesn’t fail. Every time I go to the grocery store with three little ones, I hear “You’ve got your hands full!” or some variation thereof. Hands full or not, I like to make something productive with my hands when I can, even if I have to keep it Sweet&Simple.

If you would like to browse or purchase some home-sewn Tunics for little girls and hand-crocheted Scarves for adults, take a look!

To access my Tunic Album, click here.

To view my Scarf Album, click here.