Torah Portion 10/4/13

  • Noach (נח | Noah)
  • Torah: Genesis 6:9-11:32
  • Haftarah: Isaiah 54:1-55:5
  • Gospel: Matthew 24:26-46
  • Peter: I Peter 3:28-22

   An old question of mine has been answered this year.  Why did YHWH close the door of the ark?  If it were a door too ridiculously large for a man, like in the children’s movies, why not give Noah a blueprint for something more manageable?  If it is important to mention YHWH closing the door, why does it not mention Him opening it again?  This week, I learned a probable reason, and it has more meaning than I had expected. 

   After building an escape and warning his neighbors for so long, how could Noah shut the door on the rest of humanity?  How could he bear to deny life to everyone?  Would he be able to bear the responsibility of who lives and who dies?

   YHWH extended a divine mercy when He did not require Noah to shut the door.  Shutting the door Himself was His own decisive judgement on the rest of mankind.  The decision was His alone.  No man should have to play god.  No man was commanded to.


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