Fly Lady


Fly Lady

The Fly Lady is my personal favorite in the housekeeping realm.  I do admit that the saccharine phraseology can annoy me, but the mechanics described on this site work.  Other resources have good ideas.  However, Fly Lady digs into the cause of clutter and disorganization – attitude.  During a mundane winter or through a massive tragedy, the Fly Lady method can help me keep my household running.  We have clean clothes, good meals, and a comfortable place to unwind, already prepared, no matter what happens in our unpredictable, rural life.

Sure, I could do all the housework by sheer will. Then, I would be too cranky for me or my family to enjoy our home.  I would also be too exhausted to get on the merry-go-round again the next day to keep the house in shape.  Using this system of routines, I can breeze through the work and enjoy the fruits of it.

Try a couple of ideas from Fly Lady.  Try most of them.  Try everything!  It could be such a blessing to your household!


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