I Go A’Walk’n

The lands around the Cimarron River have held my heart for several years.   Now, I have the privilege to live here.  This month, I have gained the focus to enjoy the landscape regularly.  The exercise and photography transform my everyday life into a vacation.  These shots are not thoughtful, artistic works of photography, but are taken blindly from a cell phone camera.  Snapshots cannot begin to convey the majesty.

This photo was taken on a thirty-minute cross country walk with a sixteen-pound child in tow.  Our home can be seen below the hill where I married my husband.



This is from a brisk twenty-minute jaunt to almost the same location, looking in the opposite direction across the river.


Here, I found this view of the family main house.  This blind shot wasn’t so brilliant, since I couldn’t see my shadow marring the picturesque foreground.


A view of the back of “Wedding Hill” from the creek includes a speck-sized horse on the horizon, directly in the center.