Songs for Dorothea

If I have ever met my Great Aunt Dorothea, it was before my memories.  Upon my graduation, though, I received a warm and encouraging note from this sister of my late grandmother.  I sent her a thank you note, and she replied back.  In the five years since, we have continued our correspondence across the Continental Divide.

She tells me of her exercise programs (she went swimming three times a week till the age of 93), choir experiences, spiritual lessons, Bible studies, children and grandchildren, and her general health.  Her notes are written on cute floral or gorgeously embossed stationary.  I keep the latest decorative letter on display in my living room as a reminder that someone is praying for me.  With each pretty letter or beautiful card, she also sends the lyrics to a “little song.”

“The LORD gives me these little songs to sing,” she says.  Once, we got on the phone, and she sang two of these songs for me.  The words are edifying in and of themselves, but the classy, old-time revival melodies lifted my spirits even more.  Finally, I asked whether I may publish her songs online. She responded, “You can do whatever you wish with my little songs that are really His.”

So, in days to come, I will post these song lyrics in the hope they will encourage any who read them.


Praising our LORD of all creation,

All of which give Him adoration,

Knowing His rule over all the nations,

Worshiping Him alone.

Soon He’s coming for His children

Taking them home

To dwell in glory,

So we sing this wondrous story Of His love for us.


One thought on “Songs for Dorothea

  1. SCrosnoe says:

    What a powerful family treasure you are building! So lovely; so special~

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