To have Jesus in our heart

Brings joy that will not depart

For He is the Way, the Truth and the Life

Giving us guidance all the way

Filling our hearts with joy today!

Body Clutter: a Review

…Body Clutter is a marvelous book full of honesty, encouragement, understanding, knowledge, and love for all “flybabies” who need to learn how to care for themselves.

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Authors Marla Cilly and Leanne Fly discuss their health and weight in their book, Body Clutter. Both ladies have struggled with weight-gain, health issues, emotional bruises, and cluttered “stink’n think’n.”  The core message of their literature is that if you de-clutter the space between your ears, you can de-clutter the weight off your thighs.

Chapter by chapter, Marla and Leanne cover numerous aspects of healthy living, primarily eating, moving, and attitude.  First, the ladies discuss what causes the “body clutter.”  Each reveals their painful history and how they learned to turn to food for their comfort.  Soon, the reader can clearly identify overeating/comfort eating/gluttony for what it is – self abuse and continuing the pain others have inflicted on us.  Food is not God.  We don’t have to turn to food to solve our pain.

They lead the reader to de-clutter the negative, downtrodden attitudes that hold us back from healthy habits.  Then, the ladies cover the eating habits that have worked for them, such as what to eat, how much to eat, and how often to eat.  They next uncover how simple it is to imcorporate exercise, or “loving movement” into their daily lives, once the excuses in their minds have been diminished.  Finally, Marla and Leanne discuss how to read labels, shop for groceries, gauge portions, and obtain useful nutrition to fuel our metabolism.

At the end of each chapter, the reader is challenged to answer questions, such as:  What is your go-to comfort food?  How do you handle it? What was going on in your life when you began this habit? What are some small, doable baby-steps you can accomplish today? Have you hidden from others while you eat? What excuses have you used against exercising? How can you plan your meals so that you can avoid the last-minute visit to the drive-thru?

The numerous pros of this book are quite useful, but I must disclose one con.  The final chapters devolve into redundancy.  Some readers could find this useful to solidly drive the ideas into their minds, but I found this unnecessary and difficult to focus upon.

Redundancy aside, Body Clutter is a marvelous book full of honesty, encouragement, understanding, knowledge, and love for all “flybabies” who need to learn how to care for themselves.  I have personally incorporated baby-steps, inspired by this book, for the past week.  In future posts, I will report on the effectiveness.  So far, I have already found myself more mindful of what I eat, and more capable of managing my blood sugar and cravings.  Accomplishing my health goals seems ages away, but as sure as my poor habits got me into this body clutter, my new good habits will eventually get me out.  In the meantime, I will enjoy the process of cooking tasty meals at home and dancing my burdens away.

The book is available at Amazon or at the FlyShop, and I encourage you to study, answer the questions, and engage in the de-cluttering process for yourself!

L’Chaim (to life),




Thank You for Your sunshine

Thank You for Your love,

Thank You for all blessings

That cometh from above,

Thank You for the trials that come to test our faith,

Thank You for the victory by Your amazing grace,

Since we are Your children

In Your tender care

There’s no need to tremble

There’s no need to fear,

So we sing a song of praise to You now,

As in Your presence

We humbly bow.