And Life is Worth the Living

The best thing my mother taught me was to read the Book of Proverbs regularly. We read those Scriptures every morning before school. When I had no faith of my own, the words rang in the back of my mind, beckoning me to know my Creator.
In the days my faith did begin, the Proverbs told me about His ways. Many days were lonely; those Proverbs still encouraged me. They told me that being alone with integrity was better than falling in with bad company and false friends. When I found myself in trouble, I could see that acting like the fool of Proverbs got me there. The words instructed and warned me. They taught me the profits of virtue, and the cost of immorality.
Chasing after wisdom and understanding, learning to fear the LORD, and seeking His ways have made life worth living, despite the pain. Plans fall through. Loved ones disappoint. Movements lose sight of their purpose. Opinions prove faulty. Friends betray. Dreams die. The Word remains. His love endures forever. He does not leave or forsake. His ways bring life abundant. He created life. He made it good. Only His purpose for life is worth pursuing.
When I peered into the black of Sheol, hoping I could find peace there, the words of Proverbs in my mother’s voice resonated with a Truth I could feel in my gut. The Truth brought me back from the edge. He decided when I would take my first breath. He will decide upon my last.
I had escaped death, but the enemy still worked to control me. Since YHVH’s Truth was now my life, I could be provoked to rage against any who disrespected His Truth. The most likely target of my indignation would be those who knew His ways inside and out before chucking them in the trash to pursue something more “exciting.” However, I am not my God’s defender. YHWH was patient and showed me that truth lacking in love is useless.
As Dr. Emerson says, you can be right but wrong at the top of your voice. Also, to paraphrase Apostle Paul, you can speak in tongues and command mountains, but if you do not have love, it’s all meaningless. Y’shua Himself declared that all the Torah and Prophets hung on loving YHWH and loving our neighbor.
My rage has no place in the Truth, my Savior. This season, especially, I have been reading and hearing His call to love our neighbor. I am eagerly waiting for Him to show me how to love His way. How am I to show His love to the crooked while respecting His boundaries and responsibilities for me?
On this journey of learning to follow Y’shua in spirit as well as truth, I remember and am grateful for my mother, a true blessing. She raised me in the way I should go, and the Way saved my life. I thank YHVH for blessing us with the right people with the right words for the right times.

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