A New Series, “Dear Mama”

This past year has been a sparse time for blogging.  As much as I love writing, a twin pregnancy, a five-week stay at NICU, and the adjustment back home has kept my attention, with little mental focus to spare.

Now that I have settled with my new blessings, and there is another new mom in the family, my “heart-focus” has switched to another subject. So many, either by distance or bad relations, find themselves isolated while they learn to swim the waters of motherhood alone.

Thus, I am writing a new blog series called, “Dear Mama.” It will be a series of messages I would send to friends and relatives who are entering stages of motherhood that I have recently completed. These blog posts are just that – a blog. Very likely, my audience can be overwhelmed with expert advice from the experienced mothers in their lives, but for those who are feeling lonely in their motherhood, I hope this series will become a source of encouragement.

If anything, this will be something interesting for my daughter to read, one day.

Keep an eye out for the #DearMama tag, and I shall post the first installment shortly.



2 thoughts on “A New Series, “Dear Mama”

  1. SCrosnoe says:

    very timely; very special! looking forward to seeing it develop and sharing the journey with you from afar~

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