I Scramble Eggs on a Cast Iron Griddle

After a thyroid disease diagnosis, you make a lot of adjustments to nurse your system along. What you eat, how you store it, and how it is cooked can make a difference. Since teflon is taxing on thyroid function, I switched to cast iron.

(Our popcorn and candy making pans are still non-stick, for now.)

We eat eggs nearly every morning, and I wasn’t sure it was possible to cook them in cast iron without making a disaster or having to wait for the cast iron to season for a couple of decades. Not so. Only a little seasoning, the proper heat, patience, and some good fats can make it simple.

Last year, my husband bought me a brand new Lodge griddle and I seasoned it by oiling it up and baking it until glossy. There was a little trial and error, but by preheating to medium high heat and using lots of coconut oil, I successfully fried and scrambled eggs. After a week, I needed less and les fat. A trick to remember is that food must set on iron for a bit before you try to stir of flip anything. Today, I used the same griddle to scramble two batches eggs in one sparing tablespoon of butter. What residue is left on the griddle wipes off without a fuss.

Cast iron griddle after cooking two batches of scrambled eggs. What residue is left wipes off with a swipe of a paper towel.

It works. It’s healthy. It’s beautiful. Try it out!

A few days later

I had a better opportunity for photos!

I forgot to use any butter this time, and the eggs still did not stick.

Now my griddle looks lovely, I need to go clean my stove!


One thought on “I Scramble Eggs on a Cast Iron Griddle

  1. Kassidi says:

    We absolutely love our cast iron and use it weekly!

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