Meal Preparation

Once we got home from a run to town, I put the fresh vegetables in a bath of water and vinegar to soak. When I threw vegetables straight into the refrigerator, they wouldn’t be seen again until they were beyond use. Putting them directly into the sink is now my first rule to prevent waste of money and food.

Moved them around, soaked, rinsed, drained, etc.

Still gotta eat, even on grocery day. The beef, carrots, and celery had already been prepped last week. All I needed was to dice a potato or two, fry it all in coconut oil, blend in some rice flour and water, and we had a quick stew supper.

Getting things going. Starting a salad while mixing beef with a variety of vegetables and spices into jars for storage.

Beef was already cooked, so I fried up some T-bacon bits to add to the green salad and to the chicken salad. Prepping meat means that I can stretch one or two pounds of beef and a couple of chicken breasts to last all week. This is more important now that we have four households using a beef at once.

Stirring up some potatoes au gratin. Butter, rice flour, half and half, and cheddar cheese will make a sauce to drape over sliced potatoes. Not sure precisely when I’ll serve this, but the seasonings will have a day or two to permeate the whole dish while it refrigerates.

Baking chicken to use in two meals.

Ready to bake when I need potatoes au gratin.

Chili chicken salad and chicken casserole ready and waiting for tortillas, bread, rice, or potatoes. Those decisions are still open to spontaneity.

I seem to have forgotten to get picture of the eggs boiling. (Because a visual of pot of eggs makes any blog post better!) A batch of boiled eggs provides us with to-go breakfasts, snacks, and something extra for salads. Boil in salt water for about 12 minutes (I’m over 4,000 ft elevation), cool, and refrigerate in a separate carton. I can peel a boiled egg fast by cracking one end and then rolling it on the counter under my hand with firm, gentle pressure. The shell slides right off.

A crock pot of rice will be used for breakfasts and adding to prepped meals. Now we need tea for tomorrow.

Sweet tea, chicken salad…

Large green salad, yes my kids go through a lot of milk, beef&rice, pizza toppings, extra potato slices for frying, carrot sticks…

Boiled eggs, veggies for omelettes, T-bacon, eggs…

Chicken casserole starter, hummus, borscht starter, and potatoes au gratin. I’ll have to wait till the avocados are ready to make the guacamole.

“Shine your sink!”

Time to kick back. Goodnight!

The Best Benefits of Meal Prep

  • Save money.
  • Save food; No waste.
  • No running out of an item before I get to use it in particular meals at the end of the week.
  • Overall better management of products I normally only buy once a week. Driving an hour round trip to the store with three littles is not something I do every other day.
  • Flavors have a chance to meld together. You know how some leftovers taste better than the original meal? This method can bring out the best taste the first time.
  • I don’t have strapping, starving, twin boys tugging at me while I’m trying to use a knife before every meal. Most of my cutting is done once a week while they’re asleep.
  • Helps reinforce my meal planning habit.

The Downside

  • I don’t know when to pause to keep from overdoing it. When we go in hung-ho, we tend to burn out. Once in a while I should sit down for two minutes to drink some water and regroup.
  • I am not available to read many bedtime stories. Considering I’ll have more time and less suppertime stress for the rest of the week, it may be a fair trade off.

What is your meal prep rhythm like?


3 thoughts on “Meal Preparation

  1. Drywitlass says:

    *TIP* Use a grapefruit knife to cut tomatoes. More effective, wieldly, and safe!

  2. Reblogged this on Dirt Road Essentials and commented:
    Rachael Tapp’s weekly meal prep. Busy mom style! I need to start doing this. I think it would help me eat healthier!

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