A dog whistle’s tone is insignificant to humans, but the dog gets it.

What has that got to do with faith?

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Torah Portion “When You Set Up”

Numbers/Debarim 8-12

I Corinthians 10-14

In Numbers 11, the one congregation with the honor of living in the visible presence of YHWH, whined. The Heavenly Father cares for His children, they refuse to trust him, and Moses is stuck in the middle of it. As we age and grow into new roles, the different sides of this debacle become more understandable.

At one point, we can’t believe that the people who witnessed such miracles could doubt YHWH’s provision. At another, we sympathize that living over a year without our beloved garden produce could be quite sad, particularly in desert conditions. They had expected to be in the land of milk and honey by this time, after all. (Sucks to be idolaters.)

We’ve witnessed murmuring spread and stir large crowds; a little dark complaint grows like yeast through entire conventions of thousands of people.

Then, like Moses, we experience the frustration of trying to grapple the responsibility of helping brethren reconcile to their Maker again.

We have small children who doubt our commitment to care for them. No matter what we have done for them before, or the good things we are trying to give them now, only the first thing that strikes their fancy will satisfy them. Some parents, like YHWH, give children their selfish wants and allow them to experience the consequences.

Then we look at ourselves and know that we often fret over things our Loving Creator has dealt with, has chosen to give us, is already protecting us from, or knows isn’t as important as the great works He is inviting us to participate in.

Yes, there are plenty of angles in the Old Testament drama to consider and apply today.