Don’t Quit

1. Don’t get tired of doing good.

2. His opinion of justice and time is the one that matters.

3. You’re not fooling Him.

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To revamp salads, take a look at this video for ideas: TastySalads

I love the chickpeas suggested, and also enjoy roasted red bell pepper, bleu or feta cheese, cottage cheese, corn chips, cod, black olives, avocado, or raisins, and plain high quality olive oil for dressing.

Pre-K Resources

Here are some educational tools we’ve been enjoying lately!

Each child learns at their own pace, so I hope this isn’t taken as a comparison game. Just have fun looking at this cool stuff!

These can supplement school lessons, prepare you for kindergarten, or help launch your homeschool.

The Singing Walrus YouTube Channel has helped our 4 1/2 year-old recognize all her letters, count to 100, and write more coherently. Also see Writing Numbers.

How It’s Made is perfect for satiating all three toddlers’ curiosity. It’s fun for them to see all the mechanics and hard work that create their cheesesticks, toys, and whatnot. There’s plenty for adults to learn, too. Did you know they fill dinner knives’ handles with sand?

Preschool Prep Company is the new channel we are dabbling in. Eldest was getting bored with the same old letters and numbers. The twins love the fresh graphics, too.

This one is helping me explain telling time.

IF you can handle recorder music for a while, these can explain 2D Shapes and 3D Shapes.

Now for the FUN stuff!

Dry erase practice books! Well loved!

The Math Dictionary can entertain the earliest ages and is good bathroom break reading. Below is the most advanced concept at the back of the book.

The Grammar book has me excited long before we are going to use it!

What links and books do your family enjoy? Share below!

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Your TMI of the Day – Feminine Emergencies During the Major Emergencies

Ladies Only

…Unless you are a man with a household of women to provide for.

Here is a video from a no-nonsense nurse, addressing feminine hygiene in emergencies – particularly in a bug out. Click the link, or YouTube The Patriot Nurse for all sorts of good tips. She’s like the KrisAnne Hall of health practice!

For the real TMI bit, I’m putting it out there that I recommend reusable pads. They are even more comfortable than Kotex. Plain cotton pads don’t make me cramp up; the poisoned trash in disposable pads do. Best of all, the reusable cotton pads are more absorbent. The heavy days that used to require up to seven pads can now be managed with just two or three.

Originally, I wanted a set for emergencies. If I started during a blizzard and we couldn’t get to town to buy more pads, I could resort to the reusable pads. So, I bought some on Amazon and tested them. They are so much better and cheaper than what I had been using for fifteen years, I completely switched! Now, I only keep disposable products in case other women need to borrow them. No more shelling out cash every month for toxic trash to bleed on.

Some friends highly recommend the menstrual cup, but remember that you probably have to get a different size every time you have a baby. The thought of applying foreign objects while feeling tender doesn’t much appeal to me, personally. For a bug out, though, it looks like a wonderful option for an otherwise hampered escape.

So, there’s your TMI of the day.

Shalom, y’all!

The Silent Killer Within

Any browsing on this blog shows I love FlyLady. Today, she had a particularly good live show. Click to Watch

How true. Perfectionism is killing us. Thinking we must be perfect to have a meaningful life, strips us of vitality when we find we aren’t god after all. How many of us work ourselves sick, drink ourselves numb, or overeat ourselves fat because life didn’t turn out the way we tried to go? It eventually kills us.

Perfectionism is an effective catalyst waiting to happen, that the enemy can utilize to his advantage. If we are too busy striving and failing at perfectionism, we can’t be present with our children as they grow. We can’t focus on the Word. We can’t be alert to our friends’ innermost needs. We, in fact, cause more damage, pining for perfection and punishing those around us for our disappointment. Loving YHWH and our neighbors is no longer a priority.

. . . . . . . .

How many children are murdered via abortion because their parents wanted everything “perfect” before they had a baby?

. . . . . . .

We aren’t God. We aren’t created to be perfect on our own or in the manner we imagine. We are created to be perfected as we listen to the Perfect One’s voice minute by minute, accepting His provision for the day, and accepting HIS vision of what will be perfect.