Thoughts for Purim

Just as I think I know a lot about the Book of Esther, I find another detail that makes it even more dramatic.

Haman’s edict to destroy the Jews was written and sent on the 13th of the 1st month. The news was spreading just as people were getting ready for Passover on the 14th-15th.

The edict would have been read in Jerusalem 17 days later, according to my estimation of the distance from Shushan and the speed of a horse.

Just as people in the Holy Land were settled in their homes after Unleavened bread, the word of their demise would have reached them. Right after they had celebrated the coming redemption of the Lamb, doubts may have risen about whether there would be a people left from which the Lamb could rise.

Or perhaps the recent celebration was a reassurance that surely YHWH would keep His promise to preserve them, no matter what the threat.



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