Favorite Things Aug-Sept 2018

My most used oils lately.Fishing with Daddy!

First chicken processing.The Alphabet book from Grandma was perfect for practicing copywork.Dirt is the best therapy.I made it eight days gluten free, had a day off for my birthday, and made it another 13.7 days gluten free this month. It makes a difference in inflammation. Try it out if you’re trying to figure out relief.First cauliflower pizza crust.Maybe it’s a good thing my spaghetti squash plant was destroyed. We got lots handed to us, anyway! And butternuts, to boot.Beautiful apples my husband picked at the neighbors’. Thankful for their generosity!The ladies enjoyed the apples, as well.Had ourselves a joyous Tabernacles and hope our friends did, too!Our Sukkah this year. Very spacious compared to a camping tent, and it gathers warmth through the day. We slept all seven nights outside!

Safta got us an indoor Sukkah for the kids to play in. Dads like it, too!Let’s make a pumpkin pie!

Canning is easy with a shiny sink.Making use of the relatives’ surplus bounty.Something new to try. Perfect for soothing a cold.My favorite herbal tea, with chicory and a ton of cinnamon and black pepper!Cattle gathered and sorted for Fall weaning and branding.

How did I get seven purple socks that don’t match?

Last high Sabbath of the year beginning.


Day of Atonement Bookmarks



What is Yom Kippur? – https://youtu.be/rl1aBlxXqa4

Teaching on Jonah – https://www.facebook.com/100015187442109/videos/272365636613016/

Gospel song “Are You Ready?” https://youtu.be/RrTzHFD8RWQ

Extreme Diet and Autoimmune Disease

This video below is particularly interesting, considering the juvenile rheumatoid arthritis in my family. This lady had 37 affected joints, an ankle replacement in her teen years, and more. She found a way to help herself and get off the myriad of drugs. Take a look!


I’ve noticed this year that depression and panic attacks get rough after eating a high ratio of gluten. It’s a known trigger for hypothyroidism, as well. Currently, I am eleven days gluten free, and, in a week or two, I will make another attempt at adding it back again. GRADUALLY this time!

The food sensitivity and autoimmune disease explosion these days is uncanny. Multiple industries seem designed to keep the mass populace sterile, sick, dependent, and ignorant about it all.

Ranger Rolling – a Tip for Moms

So, you’ve been there. You just finished neatly folding a load of laundry, turned your head, turned back, and found a sweet little one had jumbled or thrown your stacks into piles again.

How about a “folding” method that keeps clothes neat, even if you throw them across the room against a wall? That takes more work for a child to pull apart? And it saves drawer space?

Check out all these Ranger Rolling videos! Army Rangers pack their clothes neatly and tightly in a manner that doesn’t jumble easily. At first, I checked this out so I could learn how to keep the tent tidy this Sukkot; I may use this year round, too!





Eat Less, Feel Stuffed

How? Make a larger variety of dishes for each meal.

Our norm is meat-vegetable-starch. Protein with a salad for color. Maybe ice cream?

When I took a look at Japanese bento, I saw the huge mix of multiple dishes and strong flavors that one wouldn’t necessarily expect to see on one plate. As Just Plain Marie (author of Cabin Full of Food) has written in her blog, our own culture used to serve many more side dishes to stretch supply among large families and farm hands.

Watching the detailed meals prepared in Japan had me thinking they must spend four hours a day just cooking it all. Soup, broiled meat, rice, pickles, savory this and that – it looked as detailed as a Thanksgiving menu.

Or a DIY potluck that you have to figure out for every. Stink’n. Meal.

This is how it can look at home. (I’ve been aiming for four or five dishes a meal, but tonight was Shabbat.) Peaches, pickled okra, beet root, jalepeño poppers, leftover chili, leftover beanie weanies, buttered garlic cauliflower, and broccoli. I had eight dishes with a wide spectrum of flavors in one meal – and I ate less. (Even went gluten free without thinking about it.) Seriously, try it! One dinner spoon full of each thing, and you may find you feel stuffed!

Burrito night, I lined up a spoonful of olives, a spoon of spicy meat, a spoon of pintos, one of corn, and a dollop of plain yogurt on a tortilla. I normally would have eaten two large burritos of everything mixed together, but not this night. Going through one item at a time made me too full to finish the tortilla at the end.

One perk is that if you have something unhealthy, it is moderated by the other, more healthy dishes. There isn’t the guilt of eating a full, unhealthy meal of mac n cheese.

If you only have one serving’s worth of your favorite leftovers, you can still serve it to a family of five. All those small things threatening to go to waste – clear them out of your fridge. Just a spoonful is enough to give each person if there are several other dishes filling them up as well. Dig out the strong spices, the bitter lettuce and horseradish, sweet preserves, fresh veggies, pickles, get the potent cheeses. Eat up the fresh fruit before it can go bad.

Try FRYING your salad. It’s tasty and easier to eat more vitamins in fewer bites. I think bitter garden lettuce tastes far better this way!

And the cooking time? I thought I would be spending a full hour fixing meals like this, but it is actually the same 20-30 minutes I regularly spend on our meal prep. There’s only one fresh dish you have to fix, and the rest is digging out leftovers from the fridge or jars from the pantry.

So what do you think? Complicated? Going to give it a try? Or are you accustomed to “see food” nights to clear the leftovers?

A neighbor, Paul Kohler, RIP, used to eat his salads fried. “Makes it stick to your ribs,” he said. It’s a tradition in Japan, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he picked it up from his Japanese employees back in the day. Anyone else know stories about him?

I fried bitter garden lettuce with garlic, chili powder, mushrooms, and tomatoes. Turned out to be pretty good!