Shalom Needlework

This was an experiment to try a couple of new methods. I’ve wanted something like this by our door for some time. Below is an explanation of the different scripts and what they mean.


Hello, my name is Rachael, and I’m an Unapologetic Oily Addict

Thanks to “Safta,” I have been hooked on essential oils for upwards of seven years. This month I finally became my own member, so I got the Young Living starter kit. Whoo, I am impressed!

That’s not all of it. I got a beautiful diffuser as well. It’s set on “candlelight flicker” and filling the room with Raven for respiratory support. A brush fire to the west has been burning for a week now, so we could use it!

At last I gave in and did that oily thing where you sit still and label the lids of all your bottles so you can find things more easily.

Huh. How shall I label this one? Highest Potential…

I had every oil in my possession on one table at once. That’s when I realized I had a “problem.” It’s puny compared to many collections, but it’s far more than I thought we had!

You don’t know how many oils you have with some of them scattered beside diffusers, in bathrooms, the living room, in your purse, in the medicine cabinet, and by the kitchen sink. Yes, now I see the depth of my addiction. I can’t say I’m sorry!


Now that I’m an official Young Living Member these days…

If you have questions,

Want products,

Or want a membership of your own,

Get in touch via my Facebook page at Drywitlass!

Soft Matzah

We enjoy making and eating matzah during Unleavened Bread (the week after Passover) each year. Yet, I sometimes miss those pliable, soft, yeasty tortillas that I usually get at the store. I didn’t know how to make an unleavened bread that can be used for wraps and burritos. Until now!

Another mom shared this flatbread recipe and I’m passing it on! Enjoy!