Favorite Things Aug-Sept 2018

My most used oils lately.Fishing with Daddy!

First chicken processing.The Alphabet book from Grandma was perfect for practicing copywork.Dirt is the best therapy.I made it eight days gluten free, had a day off for my birthday, and made it another 13.7 days gluten free this month. It makes a difference in inflammation. Try it out if you’re trying to figure out relief.First cauliflower pizza crust.Maybe it’s a good thing my spaghetti squash plant was destroyed. We got lots handed to us, anyway! And butternuts, to boot.Beautiful apples my husband picked at the neighbors’. Thankful for their generosity!The ladies enjoyed the apples, as well.Had ourselves a joyous Tabernacles and hope our friends did, too!Our Sukkah this year. Very spacious compared to a camping tent, and it gathers warmth through the day. We slept all seven nights outside!

Safta got us an indoor Sukkah for the kids to play in. Dads like it, too!Let’s make a pumpkin pie!

Canning is easy with a shiny sink.Making use of the relatives’ surplus bounty.Something new to try. Perfect for soothing a cold.My favorite herbal tea, with chicory and a ton of cinnamon and black pepper!Cattle gathered and sorted for Fall weaning and branding.

How did I get seven purple socks that don’t match?

Last high Sabbath of the year beginning.


Day of Atonement Bookmarks



What is Yom Kippur? – https://youtu.be/rl1aBlxXqa4

Teaching on Jonah – https://www.facebook.com/100015187442109/videos/272365636613016/

Gospel song “Are You Ready?” https://youtu.be/RrTzHFD8RWQ

Extreme Diet and Autoimmune Disease

This video below is particularly interesting, considering the juvenile rheumatoid arthritis in my family. This lady had 37 affected joints, an ankle replacement in her teen years, and more. She found a way to help herself and get off the myriad of drugs. Take a look!


I’ve noticed this year that depression and panic attacks get rough after eating a high ratio of gluten. It’s a known trigger for hypothyroidism, as well. Currently, I am eleven days gluten free, and, in a week or two, I will make another attempt at adding it back again. GRADUALLY this time!

The food sensitivity and autoimmune disease explosion these days is uncanny. Multiple industries seem designed to keep the mass populace sterile, sick, dependent, and ignorant about it all.

Ranger Rolling – a Tip for Moms

So, you’ve been there. You just finished neatly folding a load of laundry, turned your head, turned back, and found a sweet little one had jumbled or thrown your stacks into piles again.

How about a “folding” method that keeps clothes neat, even if you throw them across the room against a wall? That takes more work for a child to pull apart? And it saves drawer space?

Check out all these Ranger Rolling videos! Army Rangers pack their clothes neatly and tightly in a manner that doesn’t jumble easily. At first, I checked this out so I could learn how to keep the tent tidy this Sukkot; I may use this year round, too!






People are sheep by nature. Maybe instead of telling them to stop being what they are, we should start pointing them to the Good Shepherd.

Let His staff be their discipline. Let His rod be their defense.

We can’t do this on our own. We were never meant to.

Keep telling the truth; but maybe we should be working with God-given design, and not against it.

Which Oils Do I Take Traveling?

We’re going on a trip! It will be so good to see close friends we haven’t seen in over a year! But it’s also been a while since our family has stayed overnight anywhere. Which brings me to the title question.

I can’t take my full arsenal of oils with us. Which ones should I take, that can handle anything that happens?

My keychain oils case limits me to eight or nine choices, which is sensible enough. This ought to do it. Valor, Stress Away, Copaiba, Endoflex, Ginger, Thyme, Eucalyptus Radiata, Frankincense, and Helichrysum.

Never again forget something important using this packing method!

Valor, for anxiety or rough sleep.

Stress Away, to put on the A/C vents to help calm the car crabbiness.

Copaiba, labeled “teething” because we put it on babies’ gums to help soothe teething. It doesn’t do a bad job of helping adult headaches, either.

EndoFlex, my daily thyroid support.

Ginger, for nausea and car sickness.

Thyme, for my ankle that’s still healing from a strain.

Eucalyptus Radiata, for stuffy noses. This particular Eucalyptus is the best one for babies.

Frankincense, for anything and everything. This was my first aid when I had that ankle incident that left me scraped and swollen. Very glad I had it!

Helichrysum, for anything Frankincense can do, but without the stinging sensation on open cuts.

Packed and ready!

What oils do you take with you on long trips?

P.S. I’ve just got to slip one more bottle in my purse. We can’t go anywhere in the summertime without Citronella!

Dear Mama, Who is Going on a Trip