Happy Palm Sunday!

On Palm Sunday, take a browse through Psalms 113-118, called the “Hallel”. This portion of Psalms was often sung on special occasions at the Temple, including the 10th of Nissan. This was the day people brought sacrificial lambs to their homes for a four-day observation, to be sure it was truly fit to use before the Passover sacrifice on the 14th. The family would get attached to the animal – all the more representation of the cost.

One year, Yashua likely entered Jerusalem on a donkey on this day, the day the sacrificial lamb was brought in as the people sang from the Hallel “blessed is He Who comes in the name of the LORD!”

Happy Palm Sunday!

(Or, I guess it’s really Tuesday this year. 😄)

Get at the Root

This illness, that bill, those people, these repairs, all the cleaning – we are thrown into tornados of chaos. It’s life. Or is there more to it?

Listen to this:


Also look at this list of Scriptures to help you pray over your home. I don’t use everything suggested, but it’s a good starting point.

Interesting tidbit! If you are desperate for peace, take a look at the word’s spelling and definition in Hebrew.

Peace is not an absence of chaos, but the defeat of chaos. It is an active victory, not a passive relief.

Shalom = Shin Lamed Vav Mem = to consume the authority’s that brings chaos.

Isn’t our Prince of Peace amazing?

Though our trials are not removed from us, we have access to His peace in the midst of it all.

Praying that we all can recognize the root cause of our chaos and set out to vanquish it by the power of the LORD YHWH.

Shalom, y’all!

One Terrible Lie

Leading up to Passover, families clean out the leaven from their homes to prepare. The hardest part is to clean the leaven from our hearts. What do I need to get rid of? What is impeding my relationship with the Savior? There are plenty of things to consider in Matt Walsh’s post today. Teshuvah. Repentance. Recognizing you’re on the wrong way. Turning back to the Good Shepherd. That’s the importance of this season.

One Terrible Lie