Just to realize that we have been made

Temples of God to honor and reveal His majesty

With that tremendous honor we should

Walk humbly with Him, ever obedient,

Ever trusting, always filled with His glorious joy

And divine direction and strength!

Life like a Puzzle

Picture puzzles are a little like life,

Confusing at times but they all fit in,

However, a picture of it all together,

Aids our hands in placing the pieces.

That’s what our LORD does with His plans for our life.

He tells us in His Book that the pieces fit in,

To make a perfect picture of our life with Him.

Aunt Dorothea

Music of my Love


Let the music of my love,

From My heavenly Throne above,

Lift your spirit free to sing,

Holy worship of your King,

Knowing that He does things well,

Fulfilling all He did foretell,

And He will surely guide You

This day – His perfect will to do.

Hallelujah to the LAMB

To the glorious great I AM

Whose returning soon will bring

His reign on earth –

Our glorious King!