The Detox that Helped

Vitamin C Liver Detox

Rachael J. Tapp

In August of 2017, I was feeling terrible with constant pain, hot flashes, fatigue, and generally feeling like my thyroid was not well. The doctor determined there was nothing wrong with my thyroid. When I stated I still felt โ€œoffโ€ he offered to prescribe birth control. I was told that delayed menstruation while breastfeeding was abnormal, and that I needed more progesterone. I declined.

A Zyto Compass Scan indicated needs for thyroid and liver support. I had already been reading about an overtaxed liver causing imbalance in bile and thyroid function, so I decided to detox my liver with high doses of vitamin C. Perhaps after cleaning out the liver, the liver would be able to help restore the rest of my systems.

The following was an experiment without medical supervision. I paid attention to how my body felt, and adjusted doses as I felt I could handle it, at my own risk. There are plenty of details my friends probably never wanted to know about me, but if you detox, you must be ready for these side effects.

If you have medical conditions, are pregnant, ect., do not attempt any sort of hard detox โ€“ it may do more harm than good. Consult your health care professional.

September 1: Administered 6,000 mg Lypospheric Vitamin C in the evening, after which I experienced stomach aches and more frequent hot flashes.

Spetember 2: Administered 9,000mg of the same, spread over three doses throughout the day. Intense irritability. Mild stomach aches. Soreness below right ribs directly after ingesting a dose of vit C. Overall muscle soreness and fatigue considerably decreased. Continuous, rancid gas. Stools darker than usual and smelled horrendous. Bowel movements still regular. Abdominal pain and tension subsided. Insomnia that night.

September 3: For the rest of the detox, administered 6,000 to 9,000 mg Lypospheric Vitamin C over three doses daily.

Finally slept at 5:00 am in the morning. Woke at 8:00 am. Felt like I was six years old, again. Sweats, off and on. Improved energy. Decreased cravings โ€“ no more need to continuously eat to get through the day. Better moods. The sugar from half a brownie and a sip of liquor felt overwhelming.

September 4: Mild diarrhea. Sweats subsided. No desire for seconds at meals. Birthday cake and ice cream had to be eaten slowly, and could not finish them. Return to regular sleep patterns.

September 5: Mild diarrhea. Energy sustained. Pain absent. Cravings relieved.

September 6&7: Continued improvements and decreased side effects.

March 4, 2018: Improvement maintained. ZytoCompass Scan showed no liver or thyroid stress.

June 15, 2018: That constant abdominal pain is still absent, and the fatigue is lessening as I employ other thyroid-supporting practices.

Each individual’s health should be accessed by a professional.


Beauty Products

Dr. Izzabella published her preferred toxin-free beauty products, particularly ones that don’t stress thyroid function.

This got me to thinking about what I use.


An inexpensive bottle of Castile Soap (olive oil and lye) can be diluted and fragranced however I want for the purposes I want. For immune boosting hand soap, I add thieves oil, and for shampoo/ body wash I add lavender.

Better yet, if I put in some effort, I can harvest soap weed roots right outside my door. Slices of this Yucca root are great for scrubbing off the summer sweaty grime. It smells fresher than any fragranced soap I’ve ever used.

Skin Care

Lotion bars made from melting beeswax, coconut oil, and shea butter together, feel fabulously luxurious.

Castor oil can relieve dry skin and cracked heels.

Non-petroleum jelly is less toxic than regular petroleum jelly, and merely consists of olive oil, shea butter, and beeswax. It sticks to raw skin just as well as the original and smells better in my opinion.

Frankincense and Tea tree oil relieve acne WHEN applied regularly.


For cosmetics, I am switching to Young Living’s savvy Minerals. The “natural” makeup commonly sold around here had a negative effect on my thyroid function, so for now, it’s SM or nothing. For lips, though, I made some lip balm from the trusty old beeswax and a bit of peppermint oil added for a plumping effect.

Anyone else find non-toxic products they love?

I Finally Watched “Wonder Woman” and Saw a Stark Resemblance to Today’s Battle

That look pro-lifers give Abolitionists….

When they have been in the trenches for 45 years just to gain a 20 week ban…

And they see Abolitionists are willing to cross the Supreme Court to save innocents.

Diana and the Allies may have been on the same side, but they argued over how to attain the goal. If someone is willing to save babies NOW, don’t discourage them. Back your brothers and sisters up.


Torah Portion “When You Set Up”

Numbers/Debarim 8-12

I Corinthians 10-14

In Numbers 11, the one congregation with the honor of living in the visible presence of YHWH, whined. The Heavenly Father cares for His children, they refuse to trust him, and Moses is stuck in the middle of it. As we age and grow into new roles, the different sides of this debacle become more understandable.

At one point, we can’t believe that the people who witnessed such miracles could doubt YHWH’s provision. At another, we sympathize that living over a year without our beloved garden produce could be quite sad, particularly in desert conditions. They had expected to be in the land of milk and honey by this time, after all. (Sucks to be idolaters.)

We’ve witnessed murmuring spread and stir large crowds; a little dark complaint grows like yeast through entire conventions of thousands of people.

Then, like Moses, we experience the frustration of trying to grapple the responsibility of helping brethren reconcile to their Maker again.

We have small children who doubt our commitment to care for them. No matter what we have done for them before, or the good things we are trying to give them now, only the first thing that strikes their fancy will satisfy them. Some parents, like YHWH, give children their selfish wants and allow them to experience the consequences.

Then we look at ourselves and know that we often fret over things our Loving Creator has dealt with, has chosen to give us, is already protecting us from, or knows isn’t as important as the great works He is inviting us to participate in.

Yes, there are plenty of angles in the Old Testament drama to consider and apply today.

My Confession

I know what soy does. Though I knew soy was in these products, I “treated” myself. In the last week I ate the Beef Jerky, the chocolate ice cream, and the mayonnaise. I love mayonnaise…

Here is today’s reminder why the hypothyroidism symptoms are stronger today: David Wolfe Ugh.