Which Oils Do I Take Traveling?

We’re going on a trip! It will be so good to see close friends we haven’t seen in over a year! But it’s also been a while since our family has stayed overnight anywhere. Which brings me to the title question.

I can’t take my full arsenal of oils with us. Which ones should I take, that can handle anything that happens?

My keychain oils case limits me to eight or nine choices, which is sensible enough. This ought to do it. Valor, Stress Away, Copaiba, Endoflex, Ginger, Thyme, Eucalyptus Radiata, Frankincense, and Helichrysum.

Never again forget something important using this packing method!

Valor, for anxiety or rough sleep.

Stress Away, to put on the A/C vents to help calm the car crabbiness.

Copaiba, labeled “teething” because we put it on babies’ gums to help soothe teething. It doesn’t do a bad job of helping adult headaches, either.

EndoFlex, my daily thyroid support.

Ginger, for nausea and car sickness.

Thyme, for my ankle that’s still healing from a strain.

Eucalyptus Radiata, for stuffy noses. This particular Eucalyptus is the best one for babies.

Frankincense, for anything and everything. This was my first aid when I had that ankle incident that left me scraped and swollen. Very glad I had it!

Helichrysum, for anything Frankincense can do, but without the stinging sensation on open cuts.

Packed and ready!

What oils do you take with you on long trips?

P.S. I’ve just got to slip one more bottle in my purse. We can’t go anywhere in the summertime without Citronella!

Dear Mama, Who is Going on a Trip


Healthy Look

I thought that if you do any makeup, you have to do it all. If you use concealer, you have to use foundation all over, then blush to add the color back, the eye color, and so on and so forth. Using makeup at all meant doing a whole “look.”

By covering acne, I was making my acne worse!

A full look wasn’t usually worth the time, and was too much for my taste anymore. For trying to look natural, I was using a lot of product.

When I quit applying makeup every week, my skin became healthier and clearer!

But there are times I want to pamper a bit, hide the sleepy mama eye bags, and look a little polished.

Then Justine encouraged my personal taste. Click the link to view her video.

French Makeup and Hair

Apparently, the French are focused on skin HEALTH and just a little high quality makeup with maybe a classic red lipstick. If you look like you’re trying, it’s too much.

Oh, that approach is right up my ally!

So I use a baking soda and raw honey facial scrub as needed, rinse my face and apply tea tree oil twice daily, drink enough water, use my homemade beeswax chapstick, and my skin looks fine. When I skip this routine, it shows! After a rough night of motherhood, I apply Savvy Minerals foundation under my eyes as a concealer. If I want more polish that day, I use foundation to even out facial blemishes and apply Savvy Minerals’ lipstick to top it off. That’s it!

Missing half a night’s sleep shows no matter what. However, you might not have noticed I had massive red zits that day or that I was wearing makeup at all!

Click here to learn why I had to quit popular makeup brands and switched to Savvy Minerals.

So what’s your taste? Complete look, minimalist, or au natural?

Dear Mama, Wondering how to Keep your Kids Healthy

Dear Mama,

You ask how I keep my kids healthy?


we use Thieves essential oil/spray for immunity boost when we go out in public. It can be rubbed on their feet before we leave the house, sprayed on grocery carts, and spritzed on everyone’s hands as we buckle back into the car. Young Living produces Thieves; DōTerra makes the equivalent, OnGaurd. Especially when attending crowded gatherings, we utilize “Crowd Spray.” I spray it on car seats or blankets, and on the back of each child’s head and neck.

With the dry winter weather, I use a little saline in the babies’ noses before bed. Then I diffuse Eucalyptus Radiata oil so they don’t get congested overnight. Better sleep for the win!

I share a little of my Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C with the kids every day. This is an easily absorbed form of vitamin C that is excellent for preventing and fighting illness. Often I have taken seven packets during a cold, and the cold resolved in three days. This used to take seven to ten days for me to get over! Now that I am taking it daily, I have even fewer sniffles. I let my 3yo have half a packet; she licks it up as if it’s honey. For the 1yos, I just dip my pinky in the vitamin C and swab it around their mouths. Sometimes they love it, sometimes they think it’s gross.

Then, everyone gets a dose of Zarbee’s vitamins daily. Someday I hope to find a decent raw vitamin for them, instead. Garden if Life was my go-to raw vitamin/probiotic, but they sold out to Nestlē, a company that utilizes HEK-293 to test their flavors. I don’t knowingly purchase anything from Nestlē if possible. So if anyone knows of another good, raw vitamin for children, please drop a comment.

If any of my kids starts coughing or getting runny noses, I give them a dribble of colloidal silver two or three times a day, for just a couple days. The only side effect of colloidal silver is turning skin blue if you use it daily for too long. This only seems to effect some people. Colloidal silver is also good for eye irritations and infections, ear infections, flu, cuts, burns (I’ve seen it help severe burns), fungus – Anything antibiotics can do, colloidal silver does better, only it can work on viruses, and it won’t destroy healthy gut flora. My mother-in-law makes colloidal silver for the whole family. Pharmacies usually have it, too, as does Amazon.

If they’re plain sick, lemon, lavender, and peppermint blended and rubbed on their clothes and blankets give children relief. Peppermint can get too hot if it’s applied directly on little ones’ skin undiluted. Lemon on anyone’s skin can burn if exposed to direct sunlight too soon, so apply under clothes. For me, it’s easier just to rub these on the fabrics kids use. Add Thieves to the blend and you have a dry cough suppressant.

These products seem pricey at first, but it saves us so much time and misery. We may come down with something once a year, but it’s usually mild. Even though all three of my children were born prematurely, and are supposed to be more susceptible to illnesses and conditions, I haven’t had to take anyone to the doctor yet. That’s three and a half years and no sick visits or prescriptions for colds or fevers. No bills or insurance haggles! Our family thinks spending on vitamins, oils, and a colloidal silver generator are worth avoiding the stress of the clinic and the pharmacy where possible.

Finally, we have our vaccine policy based on religious convictions, research, and personal experiences. That’s a lengthy subject for another day. Suffice it to say that our vaccine policy has great bearing on the frequency of illnesses in our household.

I hope these ideas can help your family as well. Sick ain’t fun!

Take care, Mama!

This post is intended to share experiences and answer questions, and cannot be construed as professional advice.